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Cropredy CE Primary School Staff Team 


Mr Phil Goldsworthy 





Cygnets                Mrs Katie Godsell


Year 1                  Mrs Kirsten Pounds 


Year 2                  Mrs Victoria Middleton-Mai - Mon, Tues,


                           Mrs Sarah Andrews - Thurs, Fri


Year 3                  Mrs Donna Spencer

Year 4                  Mrs Charlie Reid - Mon, Tues Wed

                           Mrs Sandra Lushey - Thurs, Fri 


Year 5                  Mrs Jack Foster - Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri

                           Mr Phil Goldsworthy - Thurs


Year 6                  Mr Mark Parsons 



Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator


Mrs Sandra Lushey 


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs Sandra Lushey

Mr Phil Goldsworthy



School Business Manager 


Mrs Caroline Reid 



Office Administration 


Mrs Yas Haynes (Mon, Tues, Thurs) 

Mrs Ally Alfandary (Wed, Thur, Fri) 





Position Vacent


Teaching Assistants 


Mrs Rachel Currie

Mrs Nikki French

Mrs Rachel Hingley 

Mrs Debbie Jeffries 

Mrs Holly Sabin  

Miss Toni Tritton 

Mr Andy Watt 



Lunchtime Assistants 


Ms Mandy Jakeman – team leader 

Mrs Emma Brown 

Mrs Rachel Hingley

Mr Alfie Richards  

Miss Toni Tritton 

Mr Andy Watt 



After School Club Staff


Mr Andy Watt

Mr Alfie Richards

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