There may be occasions when the school has to be closed at short notice. Typically, this might happen as a result of severe weather –snow or flood warnings, because key utilities become unavailable such as boiler breakdown or for other emergencies. The decision to close will be based upon access to essential services, transport safety and the general safety and well-being of childen and staff.


We will use e-mail and text messaging, the school website (, Oxfordshire County Council website ( - follow link to schools closures) and local radio stations to broadcast news of a school closure.

If you suspect that a closure might be a possibility please tune in to one of the following radio stations:

BBC Radio Oxford - 95.2 FM

Touch FM/ Radio Sound - 107.6 FM

Heart (Thames Valley) - 97.4 FM / 102.6 FM /102.9 FM / 103.4FM

We will notify these radio stations as early as possible and as soon as a decision to close has been made. Please can you ensure that you have emergency arrangements for collecting your child if you are not in the immediate area. Children can become quite distraught if they are not collected quite quickly.

A decision to close will be taken on the basis of the best available information. It is therefore unavoidable that there may be, on occasion, a decision based upon appalling weather at 6.30 or 7.00am which might seem wrong should the weather improve by mid-morning.

Some staff travel considerable distances to work. It is therefore possible that dreadful weather in one area might not prevail elsewhere. The decision to close the school is a major decision, it has to be communicated and explained to the County Council and it is one that will not be taken lightly.

The purpose of this letter is to keep you as well informed as we can and to remind you of how an emergency closure will be managed.

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Please contact Mrs Alfandary or Mrs Haynes in the School Office.


Telephone Number: 01295 750210
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