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On rare occasions, for example during extreme weather conditions or when the school has no heating or water, the Headteacher and Chair of Governors may have to take the decision to close the school.


Factors taken into consideration to close the school include:

  • Pupils and staff being able to make their journey to school safely;

  • Enough teachers being in school to supervise pupils safely;

  • The safety of the school site itself.


Additionally, in the case of adverse weather conditions, where the local authority and emergency services advice is that only very essential travel should take place due to road conditions, we recommend that staff and children do not travel. There can also be a knock on effect for staff where their own children's schools, often in other parts of the county, are closed and therefore they may have difficulty making alternative arrangements to enable them to get to work.  

Please note that, even if the school is open, it is still your decision whether to travel or not. We will always understand and respect your decision to keep your child at home if you consider your journey to be dangerous.

Procedure in the event of an emergency school closure


In the event of an emergency closure before the start of the school day, the school will notify Oxfordshire County Council and local radio stations.


The school will send a text and email message to all parents who receive the weekly newsletter.


The school will put closure notification on the school website.


To find out whether the school is closed, please: 


  • Check mobile phone messages and emails systems

  • Look on the front page of the school website:

  • Look on the county public website:

  • Listen to the announcements on the local radio stations:

    • BBC Radio Oxford – VHF/FM 95.2

    • Heart FM (Oxfordshire) – VHF/FM 102.6 


Please can we ask that parents do not call radio stations directly; this can jam switchboards and prevent the radio stations receiving information from other schools.  Parents are welcome to attempt to call the school, but the school cannot guarantee that there will be someone in the office to answer the phone. 

Subsequent Day Closure


If the school is to remain closed on subsequent days, we will text and email parents to inform you of this at the earliest opportunity. We will also text and email parents to confirm when the school will reopen following a period of closure.

We will always endeavour to keep you as up to date as possible about decisions and hope that we ensure that difficult circumstances cause as little disruption as possible to school and the community.

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