School Councillors are elected each year.

Our School Councillors work hard throughout the year to:

  • Organise exciting events for the children to enjoy

  • Support in review of school provision with the Headteacher

  • Identifying charities to support in school 


The children attend regular meetings with the Headteacher to discuss school issues; they also play a key role in school events and decision making.

School Council

For example, key roles that our school council members have taken, include:

  • Showing visitors around the school during open day

  • Designing a new and improved quiet garden

  • Organising the school talent show

  • Organising 'Break the Rules' Day

  • Listening to the concerns of peers and sharing these in meetings

  • Coming up with fundraising ideas for the school

  • Working with the lunchtime supervisors and the caterers to continue to improve lunchtimes

  • Canvassing children's view to develop playtime and lunchtime equipment