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School Performance

Children are regularly assessed and tested throughout their time at school. This ongoing assessment helps inform teacher's day to day planning, as well as supporting in comprehensive review of children's attainment and progress.

Please click below for details of school assessment procedures.

Statutory Tests

The first national tests that children take are in Year 1 when they take a Phonics test, followed at the end of Year 2 by the end of KS1 SATS.


National tests are also taken at the end of Year 6 (end of KS2 SATS).


Non-statutory assessments take place at the end of each term in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5. The results of assessments can be discussed with the class teachers at parent consultation evenings or at any other time by making an appointment with the class teacher.


End of year reports give parents full details of children’s progress in each area. For children in Foundation Stage, Years 2 and 6, this will include the results of assessments and tests.

For our latest assessment results, please refer to the Department for Education website using the following link:

To see a copy of our latest Ofsted report please follow this link



To see a copy of our latest SIAMS report please click below

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