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Extracurricular Activities

We are extremely proud of our pupils and the achievements they make during their time at Cropredy school. We are a committed, enthusiastic team of staff who really believe that every child matters and no child should be left behind. The school is a happy, stimulating environment where children are engaged, motivated and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Instrument Tuition

We are very fortunate to have a specialist musical instrument tutor visit Cropredy School once a week.. Mr. Ed Hudson provides peripatetic music tuition, where children can take part in weekly session on piano, guitar or ukulele. The fun and engaging tuition is in addition to children’s regular school music lessons and are available for a termly fee.


The Library

Our school library has been developed into a borrowing library and the children are able to come and choose from a range of fiction and non fiction books. Thanks to donations from staff and parents, we have a lovely selection of stories and we are planning a fundraiser later in the year to buy even more books. 

As well as choosing their books, children can come and write a review about stories they have read. There is also a 'Wishlist' where children can request books which they would like to see in the library. This has been a great way to help guide us on which authors and titles are popular and the PTA have already been able to purchase many of these requested books for us.

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