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Maths at Cropredy CE Primary School

The school believes that Maths skills are vital to the development of children so they are prepared for their future life. A broad and balanced Maths programme using objectives from the National Curriculum 2014, determines the skills that each year group and Key Stage must cover. Maths is promoted in our cross curricular work and wherever possible clear links are made within our topics. A variety of resources are used to promote a maths culture. Children are given a range of mathematical opportunities including the use of paired, group and independent tasks.



Maths aims at Cropredy CE Primary School


All pupils can:

  • articulate, discuss and explain their mathematical thinking both verbally and in a written format.

  • present their mathematical ideas in a written format that is clear to understand.

  • choose the most appropriate and efficient strategy to solve a calculation.

  • recall key facts confidently and apply them in a range of contexts.

  • interpret and understand a variety of representations of a mathematical concept e.g. tens frame, bar model, dienes, part whole model

  • show positive attitudes towards their learning

  • demonstrate resilience throughout the process of learning new concepts and skills.


Special Educational Needs Disability (SEND) / Pupil Premium / Higher Attainers

  • All children will have Quality First Teaching. Any children with identified SEND or in receipt of pupil premium funding may have work additional to and different from their peers in order to access the curriculum dependent upon their needs. As well as this, our school offers a demanding and varied curriculum, providing children with a range of opportunities in order for them to reach their full potential and consistently achieve highly from their starting points.



  • Our school provides daily Maths lessons that are progressive and support skill development. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is followed to ensure continuity & progression from entering Nursery, moving on to Reception Class & then through to the National Curriculum in KS1 & KS2.

  • We use the White Rose scheme of learning to provide an outline for curriculum coverage across each year group. This also ensures that the three core aims of the maths curriculum are covered – Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.

  • When teaching a new area of the curriculum, children are taught using the CPA model to acquire a secure understanding of what they are learning

    • Concrete – children can use concrete objects and manipulatives to help them understand and explain what they are doing. (e.g. Numicon, dienes, straws)

    • Pictorial – children then build on this concrete approach by using pictorial representations, which can then be used to reason and solve problems. (bar model, part / whole model, tens frame, number line)

    • Abstract – With the foundations firmly laid, children can move to an abstract approach using numbers and key concepts with confidence. (e.g. columnar calculation procedures)

  • To help children develop rapid recall of multiplication facts we use Times Tables Rockstars across Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. We also use the ‘Cracking Times Tables’ scheme to promote rapid recall of multiplication and division facts.

  • Additional resources from NRICH, and others deemed appropriate by each class teacher are used to broaden children’s problem solving and reasoning skills

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