Cropredy School is committed to giving children the opportunity to learn in the outdoor environment. We believe that taking learning outside is good for promoting children's self esteem, well being, behaviour, co-operative learning and problem solving. These skills feedback positively into classroom work and other settings. Please see the document below for an idea of the social and emotional aspects of learning that we build on in Forest School:

Outdoor Learning and

Forest School

We run the Forest School Programme which builds on the natural instinct to learn and explore that everybody is born with. It offers opportunities for children to make choices for their own learning and take and manage risks. Development of these skills encourages positive attitudes and behaviour. 

The sessions are carefully planned with many areas of the national curriculum being covered, particularly science, DT, English, Art and PHSE. Seasonal changes and the weather influence the activities and resources available e.g. in the autumn children may thread conkers, collect rainfall, measure shadows or create leaf art, in the summer wade in the stream to look for crayfish or go for a bug hunt.

Forest school is about the children having time to plan their own learning and to be able to risk assess for themselves. Each week the children build on what they have learnt previously at forest school and have the freedom to choose from these and other activities. As the programme develops woodland tools are introduced to extend learning and provide new opportunities for risk management.

The concept was developed in Scandinavia, and operates on the principle that children of all ages benefit from the learning opportunities present in a woodland environment. They found that by taking the majority of their learning outdoors, whatever the weather, their children became resilient, confident and independent learners.

We currently have four classes which experience a weekly Forest School session. A lottery grant in 2011 enabled us to develop a Forest School site within our own grounds and further funds from Friends of Cropredy School have allowed us to invest in tools and equipment for the children to use.

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If your child takes part in Forest School please ensure they have all of the correct kit in school on the right day - it is all for their own safety and they may not be able to take part without it.

  • Sturdy boots or wellies

  • Complete change of underclothes (warm layers throughout most of the year including hat and gloves for the winter)

  • Waterproof trousers and waterproof coat

  • Long sleeve top and trousers all year around

  • Sun hat in the summer


These websites can give more information about the Forest School movement: