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Science at Cropredy CE Primary School

Science at Cropredy CE Primary School

At Cropredy CE Primary School we have designed our Science Curriculum to enable children to learn confidently through enquiry, exploration, investigation, and discovery. Our Science Curriculum helps the children to develop a deeper understanding of the world in which they live.

Through the Science curriculum, we aim is to build Science capital (Science-related knowledge, attitudes, experiences and values) for all our children, regardless of their background and educational starting point, so that they are inspired to continue to use Science in their everyday life, education and potentially, their future career.


We deliver a Science Curriculum that:

  • Develops a progression of key transferable Scientific skills;

  • Builds upon prior knowledge and understanding at each stage;

  • Develops creativity, inventiveness, and links to other STEM subjects;

  • Challenges all learners;

  • Inspires and excites the children through engaging, inquiry-based practical sessions;

  • Encourages the children to be self-motivated, independent, curious and resilient learners;

  • Develops aspirational learners with an awareness of the key role that Science plays within our society and the opportunities that this could create for their future careers.

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